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Data Recovery Software is read-only and non-destructive utility that recovers and rescue lost data from FAT and/or NTFS file system on Windows based operating system including 98/2000/2003/ME/NT/XP and Windows Vista.

The critical data may lost or deleted due to Disk error, File system error, Inaccessible disk drive, Unexpected system shutdown, Software failure and corruption, Vandalism, Bad sector storage media, Theft, Corruption and Power interruption etc.


To cope up with advancement in technology, Pro Data Doctor has designed different data recovery software for distinct purpose:

  • Windows Data Recovery Software
  • NTFS Data Recovery Software
  • FAT Data Recovery Software
  • USB Drive/Pen Drive Data Recovery Software
  • Removable Media Data Recovery Software
  • Memory Card Data Recovery Software
  • Digital Camera Data Recovery Software
  • Digital Picture Recovery Software
  • Sim Card Data Recovery Software
  • iPod Data Recovery Software

The Software scans the formatted and damaged drive to read all the lost files, folders and deleted information to get data back. The recovered data is displayed in a tree like structure from where the files and folders can be easily saved to hard disk drive of computer system.

Due to read-only nature of data recovery software, it does not write any data to the hard disk drive of the system and is safe to use for recovery of lost data.

The erased data can be easily recovered using data recovery software if the erased data has not been overridden or replaced by other data.

The partition recovery software is fast, easy, efficient and affordable software utility having wizard like graphical user interface to help end-user to work with the software in most impressive way.

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