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Digital Pictures Recovery Software FAQ and Troubleshooting

(b) How to Use FAQ

1. What type of data I can recover using digital pictures recovery software?

Using Digital Pictures Recovery Software, you can recover all picture files including photographs, snaps, still images, icons, logo and animated images.

2. How can I recover lost photographs or still images?

It is not required to be harassed if your irreplaceable photos seem to be lost, unless the medium on which they are stored has been available because there is still a chance to get them back. Avoid writing to that disc or card any more until all the options for recovering the data have been exhausted.

3. Can I recover accidently deleted digital files and folders?

The accidently deleted digital files and folders can be easily restored using Standard Search option of Digital Pictures Recovery Software.

4. How does the digital pictures recovery process works?

To know the working procedure of the software, you can refer Standard Search, Advance Search and Raw Search of picture recovery.

5. What causes the failure or loss of data?

Several reasons are there that may lead to loss or deletion of files including faulty storage media, Data theft and Software crash or formatted disk drive etc.

6. I am using demo version of the software. The software has scanned digital pictures from storage media but I am still not able to see the data?

The data is can not be seen if it is not properly recovered. Such cases arise when files or data has been overridden.

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