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File System: File system is a data structure for storing and organizing computer files and the data to make it easy to find and access them.

Flash Memory: It is a non-volatile memory device that retains its data after the power is removed and offers non removable data storage.

Format: Format prepares a disk drive worth reading and writing.

Formatted Partition: The windows partition which is formatted after formatting a disk drive and existing data gets lost.

Formatting: Preparing a storage medium for storing data. Low-level or physical formatting writes all necessary stored data to enable the storage device to read the media. High-level or logical formatting writes data used by the operating system, such as allocation information and directories onto media which has already been physically formatted.

Hard Disk: A rigid metal platter coated with a magnetized substance used for storage purpose.

Hard Disk Drive: The device used to transfer data to and from a hard disk.

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