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Business Card Maker Software

Business Card Maker Software

Business Cards Maker Software is designed to create and print professional looking business cards by using various card designing objects. Software provides advanced print settings to print created business cards. Create multiple cards using batch processing series generating feature of software. You can create business cards in different shapes including rectangle, rounded rectangle, and ellipse shape.

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Software Features

Camera settings
Send designed business cards to single or multiple email addresses using advanced email settings.
Camera settings
Provides print settings feature to print created single or multiple business cards.
Camera settings
Generate multiple business cards using batch processing feature of DRPU business card maker software.
Camera settings
Save designed business card log on PC for future reference (modifications or use as it is to print cards again).
Camera settings
Software provides facility to browse or draw signature to add signature on business cards.
Software Screenshots

Choose any one option
Choose any one option from Start with Templates, Create Card By Using Wizard, or Create Card with Blank Format.
Fill Card Properties
Enter Card Name, Size, select Card Type and choose Card shape. Click 'Finish' button to proceed.
Text Properties
Add text on card using Text Properties. Adjust general settings of text.
Add image on business card
To add image on business card, you can browse path of image saved in your computer.
Card Properties
Design business card according to your requirement. In card properties you can adjust brightness, contrast, and hue of card background.
Print Preview of Business Card
To print designed business card, adjust print properties and click on Print button. Using Print Preview option you can see the print preview of business card.
More About Software
Business card software provides facility to create new business card format or edit existing business card format.
Business cards program has capability to create business cards of different shapes.
Printable business card maker software provides facility to add photos, background images and color settings during the business card designing process.
Background settings including Solid Color, Gradient, Image and Style settings allows user to design colored business cards.


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