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DDR Professional – Recovery Software

DDR Professional – Recovery Software

Professional data recovery software recovers deleted, corrupted and inaccessible data from your Laptop, Desktop PC or any USB disk supported devices. Specifically designed utility capable to salvage files from any hard disk and USB media drive like Memory card, Pen drive, Digital camera, MP3 Players, Mobile Phones and other devices.

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DDR Professional – Recovery Software Screenshots
Choose any one searching mode
Choose any one searching mode to search and restore lost data files and folders.
Select the drive
Select the drive from left panel from which you want to recover lost data and click next option to continue.
Browse path
Browse path where you want to save recovered data and go to next screen.
Data recovery process
Data recovery process is in progress. You can view the current running status of data recovery process.
Open Containing Folder
Click on 'Open Containing Folder' button to view the recovered data files and folders.

The advanced features of the software provide solution to recover files that have been lost by accidental deletion. It may be either after emptying Recycle bin, performing Shift+Delete operation or any command line deletion. Software undelete files from such memory cards, pen drives, USB media that have been caused to deletion or any data loss by Linux and Macintosh or Mac OS X operating systems. Simply connect such storage media to Windows OS compatible system having DDR Professional Recovery Software installed and just run the simple recovery procedure to restore deleted data.

Software Features :-

  • Recovers lost or deleted data from different storage devices.
  • Undelete files from most common data loss incidents.
  • Supports all types of Hard disk and USB removable media drives.
  • Recovers files of any volume or length by name, types, size, date and time.

Recovers lost data in various Data Loss Situations

  • Virus corrupted disk partitions
  • Formatted or Re-Formatted drives
  • Device failure (Hardware malfunction)
  • Deleted or logically damaged partitions
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