Pro Data Doctor™

ID Card Maker Comparison Chart

Software featuresDRPU ID Card Design Software DRPU ID Cards Maker (Corporate Edition) DRPU Student ID Cards Maker Software DRPU Visitors ID Gate Pass Maker Software
Image Designing ToolsYesYesYes Yes
Design using Pre-defined TemplatesYesYesYes Yes
Start By Using WizardYesYesNo No
Open With Existing Design LogYesYesYes Yes
Visitor ID or Gate Pass ModeNoYesNo Yes
Live Group and Batch Processing Mode with Excel DataNoYesYes No
Batch Processing Series YesYesYes No
Camera Setting No Yes Yes Yes
Email Settings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Print Settings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image Cropping Tool No Yes Yes Yes
Export Designed ID Card Yes Yes Yes Yes
Save Created ID card Yes Yes Yes Yes
Copy Current Design to the other Side of Card No Yes Yes Yes