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1.What type of data I can recover using digital camera data recovery software?

You can rescue and undelete the files or data stored in your digital camera storage media including digital photographs, snaps, audio/video, songs, icons, image or logo etc.

2.Can I recover my lost data from formatted digital camera storage media?

You can rescue and retrieve your lost data using the Advance Search option of digital camera data recovery software.

3.Can I recover accidently deleted files and folders?

When user deletes the file unintentionally, the deleted file’s link is broken only and the existence of lost data still exists. So the data can be recovered using digital camera data recovery software.

4.How does the digital camera data recovery process works?

You can refer Standard Search and Advance Search of digital camera data recovery software to understand and use the recovery process to recover data.

5.What causes the failure or loss of data?

The user can loss the files or critical data due to several reasons that may include virus or Trojan infection, power related problems, corrupted database and malicious disk drive formats etc.

6.How can data or file loss can be prevented?

You can prevent your crucial data or file loss using:

  • Backup Utility
  • Prevent use of Defragmentation system utility
  • Using Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

7.I am using demo version of the software. The software has scanned my digital camera storage media but I am still not able to see the data?

You are not able to see the recovered data only in the case if the file has been overridden with new files.

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