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How To Use Documentation

Documentation covers all the help which user must read carefully before operating data recovery software. Knowledgebase provides detailed information regarding the software functionality and its working with all the snapshots of recovery software to explain step by step recovery procedure.

Knowledgebase contains the following sections:


Pro Data Doctor welcomes all users in the world of data recovery. This section explains information about all data recovery software. If the Demo software is already installed on your computer, it is strongly recommended to uninstall the Demo before installing the licensed version of the software.

Common Features of Data Recovery Software

This section provides details of log feature, saving recovered data, system requirement (to operate the software), product order and activation information and software license availability for distinct group of user.

Software Interface Description

This section provide snapshots of all recovery software which will guide user step by step about data recovery besides it covers toolbar features including searching criteria of the software application. This section also explains log use, system requirement, product order and activation, software license option, case studies, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Troubleshooting.

Help Desk:

This section provides glossary that briefs all technical words that has been used in documentation of data recovery software to assist user to understand the software working and functionality. This section gives detailed information regarding technical support staff to purchase and register Data Doctor Data Recovery Software.

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