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What is Log

The Log contains encrypted information and index addresses of data recovery scanning and found files and folders during the recovery process. The log can later be used to start the recovery without re-scanning your storage media again and thus saves your time.

Larger the disk, larger the time is taken by scanning process to scan and read deleted and lost data files. The saving log file time will also increased.

After scanning process is completed and with due larger disk or some other reasons if user has to stop the recovery process their has been option provided to save all scanned directories in log file so that when next time software is operated for the data recovery user need not required to do scanning again. User will need to load the log file to proceed recovery from partially scanned saved data.

Advantage of log

  • Helpful for large capacity hard disk drives.
  • User wants to stop recovery due to timing factor.
  • Useful when windows data recovery process is halted.

Save Log

Save Log

  • Click on “Save Log” button, window dialog box appear and ask user to browse the location where scanned files and folders log has to be saved.
  • Select the location and click on Save button.

Load Log

Load Log

  • Click on the load log button.
  • Dialogue box will appear to ask for select the log file from saved location.
  • Double click on the saved log file and within few seconds all the scanned file is loaded in the software which become active scan which is displayed on the left panel.
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