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Access: The retrieval or transfer of data in storage devices or registers.

Access Time: The interval between the data request and retrieval by the system.

Active Partition: The drive partition that contain the operating system. In case of multiple partitions, only the primary partition can be made active.

Advance Search: The advance search is used to recover lost data from formatted partition or file that can not be recovered using standard search criteria.

ATA: ATA refers to Advanced Technology Attachment. It provides standard for storage device that lets them to be treated as if they were hard drives on the system. ATA device reads any ATA compatible media.

Auto Sync: Auto Sync functionality states that every time on connecting iPod to computer system, new songs, videos and photos are updated automatically onto iPod music system.

Backup: To safeguard the valuable files or folders, the copy of a file or entire contents of a hard disk is maintained so that user is able to get the files, folders or other data after active copy is damaged or destroyed.

Bad Sector: The disk sector that can no longer be used for storage purpose.

BIOS: BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System often referred as CMOS provides interface for computer’s hardware and software.

Bit: It is an abbreviation for binary digit that can be either 0 or 1. Bit is a basic unit for digital computers.

Booting: Booting is the process that get started when computer system is started or rebooted to load operating system (OS) and device driver for proper functioning of system.

Computer: Computer is a digital device that accepts data from user to perform certain operations on that data and output the results or processed data on display unit or monitor.

Crash: A hardware or software failure that leads to an abnormal termination of processing of programs and applications.

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