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iTunes: iTunes is media player software used for transferring music, photos and videos.

Log: Log is scanned or read information of files and folders detected in recovery process.

Logical Drive: A single Physical Drive or a large hard disk drive can be partitioned into two or more smaller logical drives.

MBR: MBR refers to Master Boot Record. It is a small program that is executed when a computer boots up. Typically, the MBR resides on the first sector of the hard disk.

NTLDR: NTLDR refers to NT Loader. It is a program loaded from the hard drive boot sector that displays the Windows NT startup menu and helps Windows NT load.

NTFS: The file system specially designed for Windows NT operating system. NTFS file system is more advanced than the FAT file system used by the earlier windows OS with regards to filenames, security and access control.

Operating System (OS): OS is a system program that controls and supervises a computer system’s hardware and provides platform for programmers or user to run or execute application software.

Partition: Partition is a division of hard disk drive to contain one or more logical drives.

Partition Table: In DOS and Windows operating system, partition table describes how the disk is partitioned. It is MBR (Master Boot Record) part in which MBR reads the partition table to determine which partition is active and where its boot sector is located.

PC: PC is a term that refers to Personal Computer.

Quick time: Quick time is an application developed by Apple Inc. capable of handling various formats of digital video, movie clips, sound, animation, music, and several types of interactive images. It is available for Classic Macintosh OS, Macintosh OSX and Microsoft windows operating systems.

RAM: RAM refers to Random Access Memory. It is the most essential or primary part of computer memory which can be used by programs to perform necessary tasks while computer is on. It acts as a temporary storage of the data or files that get lost when power is down or system shutdown is performed.

Scanning: The process in which software searches for data loses and deleted files and information for recovery.

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