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Search More Partition: This is an option provided to find out all the deleted and lost partitions that was created since the hard disk initial installation.

Sector:The smallest addressable unit of data on a disk. Sector is physical subdivision of track on a computer disk storage media.

Standard Search: The standard search criteria is used in case of files and folders deletion or data loss due to any viral attack, missing partition or human fault etc.

Stop Searching:It is an option that can be used to abort the scanning process temporarily.

Storage Media: A device in which data can be stored which can be retrieved at a later time for future reference.

System Files: The file used by operating system to run.

USB: USB refers to Universal Serial Bus. USB provides an external peripheral interface standard for communication between a computer and external peripherals over a cable using bi-serial transmission.

VFAT: VFAT refers to Virtual File Allocation Table. It is a part of the windows operating system that covers long file names which can not be handled by the original file allocation table (FAT) programming.

Virus: A program with harmful code that attaches itself to other executable programs for the purpose of duplicating itself and is triggered by some event on a specific date.

Worm: A program which duplicates itself typically across networks. Worm does not attach itself to other programs but it reproduces itself independently.

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