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(a)Improper usage of iPod system

The songs or music can be transferred from computer system to iPod system using iTunes software. User needs to download or install iTunes software on windows to transfer audio or video files. Sometimes songs do not copy to iPod system and then iPod may require a specific or later version of iTunes software.

Sometimes user also loses the files or folder due to improper knowledge and usage of iTunes software. When songs is transferred using iTunes software from computer system, user gets the options of “Updation” or “Recovery” and sometimes user clicks on “Updation” options that deleted all the existing files or data from iPod system.

iPod data recovery software easily and effectively recovers and retrieves all the lost data due to accidental deletion or improper usage of iPod music system.

(b)Unintentional Deletion

Many times user faces the accidental deletion of files or folders that contains important data. Sometimes user loses the files by using unfortunately SHIFT+DELETE key.

User can delete the files and folders data by distinct ways:

  • Using SHIFT+DELETE keys.
  • Using Right click option, that will display pop up menu to select delete option.
  • Selecting the data and then pressing DELETE key.
  • Select data and delete from windows menu option.

The deleted files, folders and other data by any ways directly go in Recycle Bin except deletion using SHIFT+DELETE key. The files or folders can be restored from Recycle Bin but files deleted using SHIFT+DELETE key can not be restored without using iPod data recovery software.

All the lost and deleted file and folders can be easily restored and retrieved from iPod music system.

(c)Formatted iPod System

Format prepares a disk drive storage media for reading and writing. When disk drive is formatted, the OS erases all stored information from iPod system. The formatting also detect if all the sectors are reliable or not and then mark bad sector and create internal address tables to locate information at later stage.

The disk drive needs to be formatted for several reasons including:

  • Eliminate iPod files corruption
  • System performance degraded
  • Recover virus/worm infected data

Low-level format erases all data from iPod system. User can format iPod system using “Quick Format” option. iPod data recovery software easily and efficiently restores and gets back files, folders and other data after formatting is done.

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