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FAQ and Troubleshooting

(a)About Software FAQ

1.Can I use my iPod on different computer?

You can use the iPod on different computers but make sure that you take back up of data on your iPod because files will be erased when iPod is connected on the other computer.

2.My iPod is not responding it appears to be frozen?

iPod is frozen or is not turning on can be due to different reasons.

  • iPod is paused or the hold switch is in locked position.
  • Lock symbol appears on the screen.

Slide the hold switch to the unlocked position to unlock it. To avoid iPod in the frozen state always disconnect it properly from the computer.

3.What happens on updating and restoring iPod software?

By updating the software, user gets latest system software on iPod and restoring completely erase the iPod content and applies factory setting.

4.Recovered Files are not opening?

The files may be highly corrupted by a virus or some portion of the files has been overwritten with new data.

5.Will I be getting my real data files without being changed?

Due to the reason that the software is read-only in nature, it does not write anything and does not modify or change the file content. The data or file is recovered in a very secure form.

6.I can recover data from which operating system?

You can recover data or files from all major OS including Windows XP/ME/NT/98/2003 and Windows Vista.

7.How can I save the recovered data?

To save the recovered data, refer “Save Recovered Data” section.

8.Can I use the software to recover my data from logical or physical damage?

The software can be effectively used and utilized to get the lost and deleted files due to logical corruption but it can not recover the data lost due to physical damage.

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