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1.What type of data I can recover using iPod data recovery software?

You can recover your lost files including audio/video, music, songs and all other data stored in your iPod music system.

2.What should I do in the situation when I have lost my Songs stored in the iPod?

Do not get harassed if you lost all your files or data from iPod. Simply use iPod data recovery software to recover your lost songs. Uninstall your iTunes software so that it may not block data recovery software to access your iPod. After uninstalling, connect your iPod and install and run iPod data recovery software to recover your data to local Hard disk drive of your computer system. Once Data is recovered, you can restore your music back to your iPod with the iTunes software as you normally do it.

3.How can I transfer music or songs to iPod?

The music files and songs can be transferred using the iTunes software on your computer. After having songs in your iTunes library, you need to connect iPod to your computer, and iTunes automatically transfers the music to iPod.

4.How can I add new songs to my iPod?

The iTunes automatically updates iPod with the new songs when the songs or music are added to it.

5.How does the recovery process works?

You can refer Standard Search or Advance Search of the iPod data recovery software to know the functioning of the software.

6.What else can be stored in the iPod other then music?

You can store pictures files, directories and movies on your iPod. This makes iPod a useful tool for sharing all sorts of files.

7.What should I do if Songs are downloading slowly?

The iPod is running on low battery and has gone into power saving mode thus reducing the downloading speed. For downloading at higher speed first charge your iPod and then you can resume downloading.

8.How to safely disconnect the iPod?

If you are using iPod as a hard disk, you must eject it before disconnecting it from your computer. If the iPod icon appears in “My Computer”, it is used as a hard disk.

9.What is the difference between fifth generation and enhanced fifth generation (5.5G) iPod?

The latest iPod is the enhanced version of the original fifth generation. The hard disk capacity is 80 GB and can store 20,000 songs. It also provides the special search function which was not available in the older version.

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