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1.Will you give me guarantee that my data will be recovered if I purchase it from you?

We do not provide any type of guarantee of recovery results. All we can tell is that we will make all possible effort to help in recovering data. If things do not initially work out when using our software, you are free to contact us.

You can verify if the software actually runs and detects your disks by running the demo versions of the software. The demo will give indication of the possibility of data recovery:

2.Can I recover my lost data from formatted disk?

A disk can be formatted in three different ways:

  • Quick
  • Standard
  • Low-Level format

Quick Format enables user to quickly format a disk by initializing the directory entry information in the root directory area.

On the other hand, Standard Format examines the data area, and marks the bad sectors. If a bad sector is detected, clusters in that sector are marked to prevent them from future usage. However, like quick format full format does not overwrite the data area.

Low-Level Format initializes the entire disk and records sector identifiers to each track.

Windows Data Recovery Software is fully capable of directly reading data from the data area to recover files after a quick or standard format.

3.Can I recover my data after performing FDISK?

The partition deleted or removed using FDISK utility can be easily recovered and restored using Windows data recovery software.

Furthermore, even if user has created new partitions after removing old ones, user can still recover data using the Windows Data Recovery Software.

4.I have recovered my lost file, but I am not able to see the content of the file?

Sometimes the files recovered by windows data recovery software cannot be opened properly. MS Office files and large files such as MPEG files often run into this problem.

5.I have accidently deleted one or more partition. Can I get them back using windows data recovery software?

Yes, you can easily recover the accidently deleted partition lost data using Advance Search option of windows data recovery software.

6.I have accidently deleted some files. Can I get them back using windows data recovery software?

Yes, you can easily recover and restore accidentally deleted files because only the file link is broken and the file still exists in the hard disk. You can recover the files using Standard Search option of windows data recovery software.

7.Why I am getting “Missing OS” error message?

You should make sure that you do have not inserted a floppy disk or bootable CD in the computer while you run the software. After computer boot becomes successful, run antivirus software to check if your system has not been infected from viruses and spyware. Then backup the disk drive’s data to another device. If the computer does not boot or the drive is inaccessible, you should see for professional assistance or help.

8.Can I recover lost data from formatted partition?

Yes, you can easily recover and restore data from the formatted partition using Advance Search option of windows data recovery software.

9.How can I differentiate full version software with demo version?

You can scan all the deleted files using demo version of the software but you can not save the recovered data. To save all the recovered data, files or folders, you need to purchase the full version of the licensed software.

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