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Sim Card Data Recovery Software FAQ and Troubleshooting

(b) How to Use FAQ

1. What type of data I can recover using sim card recovery software?

Using SIM Card data recovery software, the user can recover and retrieve all text messages of inbox, outbox, sent and draft and contact details available in Sim card of mobile device.

2. Can I recover accidently deleted messages?

The software easily retrieves all accidently deleted text messages along with date and time details.

3. How does the sim card recovery process works?

Refer “Recovery Procedure” of SIM Card data recovery software to recover the sim card data.

4. What causes the failure or loss of data?

The cause of data loss may be intentional or unintentional deletion or malicious act done by user.

(c) How to Purchase FAQ

1. How can I purchase the full version licensed software?

We accept Credit Card, PayPal - USD Only, Check/Money Order, Bank/Wire Transfer and Fax - Credit Card.

2. Which credit cards I can use?

You can use Visa, Visa Check Card, EuroCard, American Express, MasterCard and Discover Card transactions.

3. After placing a purchase order, when I expect the delivery?

If you placed order online using your credit card, you can download the software immediately just after your purchase. You will receive email with download URL and activation within a few minutes.

4. How can I give the feedback of the product?

Please Contact Us to give feedback associated to product.

5. How can I make enquiry about the status of the order?

You may Contact Us.

(d) Downloading/Installer Issues

1. Is it necessary to uninstall demo version of the software before installing full version licensed software?

It has been recommended to every user to uninstall the demo version of software before the installation of full version licensed software is done.

2. I have lost my download link for sim card data recovery software. Can you resend it to me?

Please send us your details including your name, order ID and address/email address; we will resend your download URL.

3. The downloading link is showing error while installation process?

It is highly recommended to check your system setting before installing the software. For further assistance, you can Contact Us.

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