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Sim Card Data Recovery Software FAQ and Troubleshooting

(a) About Software FAQ

1. Is there need of sim card reader for sim card data recovery?

Yes, you need USB sim Card reader (any PC/SC Standards or Phoenix Standards based Reader hardware device).

2. What is the difference between demo version and full version of the software?

Demo version of software can not be used to save the recovered messages or contact numbers.

3. How long the sim card data recovery software take to recover data?

The duration of recovery process depends on the amount of messages and contact numbers stored in the SIM card of Mobile phone.

4. Will I be getting my real data files without being changed?

The software is read-only and thus there is no risk of data upgradation or loss due to change.

5. I can recover data from which operating system?

The software recovers the messages and contact numbers only on windows OS including Windows 98/2003/XP/NT and Windows Vista.

6. How can I save the recovered data?

You can refer the “Save Recovered Data” section of SIM card data recovery software.

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