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Digital Pictures Recovery Software FAQ and Troubleshooting

(a) About Software FAQ

1. Using digital picture recovery software I can recover data from which type of media?

The Digital Pictures recovery software support major storage media including zip drives, compact flash, multimedia card, secure digital card, picture card, external mobile phone memory, smart media and other flash storage media.

2. Can I get back my lost digital files and folders due to logical corruption?

You can restore all your lost digital files and folders lost due to logical corruption.

3. What is the difference between demo version and full version of the software?

Demo version does not provide all functionality of the software. The demo software can be used to scan the lost and deleted files to see which files have been lost and can be recovered using the software. But the demo software can not use to save the recovered data files or folders.

4. How long the data recovery software take to recover files or folders?

The software is delivered using digital means so all expected delays can be minimized. Once the transactions have been completed, the user will get the Email of software download link along with Activation key.

5. Why I am not able to open the recovered file?

The reason for such inconvenience may be the overridden of files. Overridden files can not be restored.

6. Using digital pictures recovery software I can recover data from which operating system?

You can utilize the digital pictures recovery software under all the major versions of OS including Windows 10/8/7/98/2000/XP/ME/NT and Windows Vista.

7. How can I save the recovered data?

In Digital Pictures Recovery Software, browse path where you want to save recovered pictures. After completed recovery process, click on Open Containing Folder button to view recovered images.

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