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(a) About Software FAQ

1.What is the difference between Advance Search mode and Standard Search?

Advance Search recovers files and folders lost due to unintentional/intentional deletion, power outage or software corruption while Advance Search recover missing or lost partitions.

2.Can I recover lost data or files due to unexpected system shutdown?

Yes, you can recover your lost files due to unexpected shutdown using Standard Search option of FAT data recovery software.

3.Can I recover the data lost due to software corruption?

Yes sure, you can recover and restore your files or data lost due to software corruption using Standard Search option of FAT data recovery software.

4.What type of files or data I can recover using FAT data recovery software?

The user can recover the lost data due to viral attack or other reasons. The user can recover files type such as:

  • MS word file
  • MS excel file
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Access Files
  • Audio file
  • Video files
  • Picture files
  • Compressed files
  • Encrypted files
  • Animated files
  • Icons or Logo and many more

5.What should be the minimum system requirement to run the software?

The minimum system requirement for installing and using Data Doctor Recovery FAT Software is:

  • Pentium-class or equivalent processor
  • Windows 10/9/8/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2003
  • RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 20 MB of free space

6.I am not able to open the recovered file. Why?

The reason behind such problems may be highly corrupted files or your files have been overridden and thus can not be recovered.

7.In which cases, FAT data recovery software can be used to recover data?

The user can use the software in case if the files or data get lost due to several reasons that may be:

  • Program error
  • Deletion of files or folders
  • Human mistake
  • Fdisk utility has run
  • Boot files get corrupted
  • Media failure and more

8.My hard disk is having lots of bad sector. Can I recover the files or data from it?

Yes, Data Doctor FAT data recovery software easily recovers and retrieves the data from bad sectors.

9.Is there need of any technical skill to use the software to recover data?

No, there is no need to acquire any technical or specialized skill to operate and use the software.

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