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Memory Card Data Recovery Software Case Studies

(a) Logical Corruption

The data is very crucial entity for every organization. The data corruption and the succeeding loss of the data can result in major damage or harm to the organization. Hence it is required that the data be prevented from such a loss.

The data corruption can be of two different types. One is logical corruption of the data and other is physical corruption of the data. The data in both the cases can lead to the damage which may be in some cases irreversible. There should be a backup and the archival so that it can be used in case of any failure that leads to data loss.

The data corruption at the physical level occurs when the storage media fails completely. Logical corruptions occur due to the damage that may be caused to the operating system.

The logical corruptions of the data or information may occur due to the many reasons like mishandling of the data, unintended deletion of the data, operating system corruption and improper file system etc. The file system is the key in the storage of any data over the media.

In case of the logical damage, the files or folders can be easily recovered using memory card data recovery software.

(b) Unintentional/Intentional Deletion

The computer user may make mistake and delete data unintentionally. The user can get rid of losing data due to accidental deletion if an archived copy of deleted files or folders has been saved.

User can delete the files and folders data by distinct ways without realizing:

  • Selecting the data and then pressing DELETE key.
  • Using SHIFT+DELETE key.
  • Using Right click option, that will display pop up menu to select delete option.
  • Select data and delete from windows menu option.

Once the files or data has been deleted, the data exists in disk drive and only the deleted file’s link is broken. Thus lost files or folders can be recovered after deletion.

The user can undelete and restore accidentally deleted and lost files, folders and other data using Memory card recovery software with ease.

(c) Software Failure

It is possible for data to be lost due to software bugs or poor software design. For example, a program might create problem where it crashes on saving a file. But others may remove the old file first, so that if the software crashes during the write process, the old file will be lost as well.

Software failure occurs when the delivered service no longer complies with the specifications and the latter being an agreed description of the systems expected function. As various components in the system interact, failure of one component may lead to introduce one or more faults in another.

Software failure or corruption results in following problems:

  • "Operating system not found" error
  • Power surges result in "no disk drive found" error
  • Strange clicking or grinding noises from disk drive
  • Missing folders or files without reason
  • Accidental deletion, format or fdisk
  • Files and folders inaccessible

There are many factors that lead to data loss including program virus, data corruption, computer crime or human mistake etc. Memory card data recovery software effectively restores and gets back lost and deleted files or folders.

(d) Formatted and damaged Media

Formatting makes a storage medium or disk drive for reading and writing. When user format a disk drive, the operating system erases all recorded or stored information on the disk and creates internal address tables that it later uses to locate information.

The user can format memory card disk drive using “Quick Format” option that erases all the stored files, folders or other data. Then user can make use of memory card storage media to store new data or content.

It should be noted that reformatting a disk removes only the address tables but does not erase the data on the disk. If user has accidentally reformatted a disk that has useful data, memory card data recovery software can be easily and effectively utilized to recover all the files data back.

The storage media may also develop bad sector due to damage or system crash. Memory card data recovery software retrieves all the data from damaged memory card storage media.

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