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FAQ and Troubleshooting

(b)How to Use FAQ

1.The scanning of the software is too slow?

The scanning time depends on

  • Size of the disk
  • Amount of data stored in the disk
  • Physical condition of the disk drive

If disk drive is full it will take more time to scan the data.

2.I have deleted large numbers of files and folders that can not be accommodated by Recycle Bin. Can I recover all those files?

The Data Doctor NTFS data recovery software easily and efficiently recovers all the deleted data from hard disk drive because only the file link get broken and data still exists after deletion.

3.Can I use the software to recover my lost data from physical damage?

No, The NTFS data recovery can not be used to recover data from physical damage. It can be efficiently used to recover data loss due to logical damage.

4.Can I recover lost word file?

MS Word documents may be lost in certain situations when Word application is forced to quit unexpectedly if computer has a power interruption while writing or if you close the document without saving changes.

NTFS data recovery software can recover and restore the entire lost document.

5.Can I recover missing and lost partition?

Certainly, you can recover data from missing and lost partition using Advance Search option of NTFS data recovery software.

6.Can I recover data from formatted drives?

Yes, you can recover from formatted drive using any option either it is Standard Search or Advance Search is there.

7.Can I recover lost data from Fdisk drive?

Fdisk utility erases entire data or files from disk drive. You can easily recover and retrieve the lost data or files.

8.Can I recover Encrypted data files?

Encrypting File System provides the file encryption technology used to store encrypted files on NTFS file system volumes.

Encryption is transparent to the user; it means that you do not have to manually decrypt the encrypted file before using it. You can open and change the file as you normally do.

Using EFS is quite similar to using permissions on files and folders. Both methods restrict access to data. An intruder who gains unauthorized access to encrypted files or folders will be prevented from reading them. Permissions on files and folders do not protect against illegal physical attacks.

You encrypt or decrypt a folder or file by setting the encryption property the same way the other attribute is set such as read-only or hidden. It is recommended to perform encryption at the folder level.

9.Can I recover accidently deleted files and folders?

Yes, you can easily restore and retrieve accidently deleted files and folders using Standard Search option of NTFS data recovery software.

10.Can I recover lost compressed data files?

An encoded file that takes less space in storage is called compressed file. The software can be used to easily recover and retrieve compressed files.

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