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(a)About Software FAQ

1.To recover files or data, which brand of removable media can be used?

The Thumb drive repair software utility support all major manufacturers including Apacer, Kingston, Kingmax, Transcend, Super Flash, Super media, Viking and SanDisk etc.

2.What is the difference between Advance Search mode and Standard Search?

Standard Search is used to recover the files or folders lost due to accidental deletion, user fault and faulty storage media etc. Advance Search is used to recover the files unavailable due to formatted disk drive.

3.What is the difference between demo version and full version of the software?

Demo software does not facilitate user to save the recovered files or folders while full version gives full support to save the recovered data.

4.How long the data recovery software take to recover files or folders?

If you placed order online using your credit card, you will get an email with download URL and activation key within a few minutes.

5.Will I be getting my real data files without being changed?

You can recover and retrieve the real or same data that has been lost. The software is read-only and does not change or modify the content or data.

6.I am not able to open the recovered file. Why?

You are not able to open the recovered file due to following reasons:

  • If file is highly damaged
  • File has been overridden
  • Defragmentation has been used

7.I can recover data from which operating system?

You can recover the files, folders or other data from all versions of operating system (OS) including Windows 10/8/7/98/2000/2003/ME/XP/NT and Windows Vista.

8.How can I save the recovered data?

To save the recovered files or folders, refer “Save Recovered Data” section.

9.Can I use the software to recover my data from logical or physical damage?

Software can recover the lost and deleted files or data from logical error or corruption but does not ensure recovery of data lost due to physical damage.

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