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1.What type of data I can recover using pen drive recovery software?

The user is able to recover and restore files and folders or data of any type including:

  • Word or Text files
  • Picture files
  • Audio or Video files
  • Exe file and more

2.Can I recover my lost data from formatted pen drive?

User may format the pen drive to delete the entire data or files from the pen drive. The pen drive data recovery software can be used to recover deleted or lost files previously stored in pen drive or equivalent storage media.

3.Can I recover deleted files and folders?

You can easily recover and retrieve deleted files and folders using the Standard Search of Pen drive data recovery software.

4.Can I recover lost data due to software failure?

The data or files that may lost due to software failure can be recovered and restored using Standard search option of pen drive data recovery software.

5.Can I recover the files or data lost due to virus attack?

Virus attaches its malicious code with exe files to infect them that may lead to data destruction from the system. The Standard Search can be used to restore and retrieve the lost files.

6.Is it possible to retrieve data or files when the “Drive not formatted” error message is displayed on the screen?

Pen drive recovery software can recover all the lost files and folders with ease when “Drive not formatted” error message is displayed on screen.

7.Will I be able to recover complete file name in case it is long?

Yes, the data or files will be recovered with full support to complete file name.

8.What should I do if I am not able to open my recovered files?

The reasons behind such cause may be overridden of files that can be recovered using recovery software.

9.Can I recover lost data due to power failure?

You can recover and rescue lost files that become unavailable due to power failure.

10.What are the steps I should follow once I lost my data?

You can follow the steps of Standard Search or Advance Search in accordance to your need.

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