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Case Studies

(a)Disk Format

Format prepares a disk drive storage media for reading and writing. When disk drive is formatted, the OS erases all stored information. The formatting also detect if all the sectors has not been marked bad sector and has created internal address tables to locate information at later stage.

The disk drive needs to be formatted for several reasons including:

  • Eliminate operating system corruption
  • Recover virus/worm infected data
  • System performance degraded

Format is a MS DOS command that can be used to remove information from computer’s disk, hard disk etc. Format is an external command that is found in many Windows OS.

Pen Drive Data Recovery Software can be easily and effectively used to recover and restore all files, folders and other data after formatting is done.

(b)Human fault

The user can delete any file (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, photographs, Email, database, and all office files) and folders due to intentional or unintentional cause.

User can delete the files and folders data by distinct ways:

  • Using SHIFT+DELETE key.
  • Using Right click option, that will display pop up menu to select delete option.
  • Selecting the data and then pressing DELETE key.

The user may loss Pen drive data if pen drive has been formatted. All the lost and deleted file and folders can be easily restored and retrieved from Pen drive and equivalent storage media.

(c)Software Corruption

Software corruption or program error is major reason for data loss. Software corruption may lead to display of an error message stating data is corrupted or inaccessible or software won't load. Due to corrupted software sometimes computer system shows an error message when system is started or restarted. Program or application may function abnormally and needs to be reinstalled to use the software.

These problems can be caused by several reasons including power failure, storage media crash, software problem and virus infection. Software defects begin to show when programs do not start correctly anymore.

Pen Drive Data Recovery easily unerase and restore all the data lost due to corrupted software with ease.

(d)Deleted Files/Folders

Pen Drive Data Recovery Software restores deleted files, folders and other data from computer system. Similarly recover deleted Word, Excel, Access, Email, database, PowerPoint, photographs and all office documents on major windows operating system.

The content of the file does not get destroyed immediately after deleting the file. The file link is broken from file record information (Where file information is stored) but file still exists in disk drive and thus data recovery software can be effectively utilized to recover lost data files and folders back.

Whenever any file is deleted, windows mark the hard disk drive space as being available used by another program or application. If the user’s data files gets lost or accidently deleted and overridden, it becomes impossible to recover the files and folders etc.

Pen drive is fully capable of restoring all lost and deleted data from pen drive storage media.

(e)Power interruption

Most of the user working on computer system comes around the problem of loosing working files and data due to power failure or power breakdown. The user can lost the complete file if it has not been saved to the specified location in disk drives whether the working file is very critical. User will not able to get the data back because when file is in working stage, the file contents gets stored in primary memory that is volatile in nature and lose all its content when the power is down or system shutdown is done.

The reasons for power breakdown can be defect in power station, damage to power line or other part of distribution system or overloading of electricity mains.

User should always protect electrical components by using computers in a dust-free area and utilize an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect against power failure.

Pen drive data recovery software recovers and restores lost data of files and saves precious data files to be acquired again.

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