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(a)About Software FAQ

1.To recover files or data, which brand of pen drive is required?

Pen Drive Data Recovery supports major brands including Kingston, Transcend, LEXAR, PRETEC, Toshiba, PQI, SanDisk, Olympus, Apacer, ATP, Minolta etc.

2.What is the difference between Advance Search mode and Standard Search?

Standard search recover data or file lost due to virus/worm infection, hardware/software failure and unintentional deletion while Advance Search recovers and retrieves data lost due to formatted storage media.

3.What is the difference between demo version and full version of the software?

Demo version does not give the facility to save the recovered data; it can be only seen by the user. To save the recovered data, you need to purchase the licensed software.

4.How long the data recovery software take to recover files or folders?

The time of recovery of files or folders depends on the size of the disk or content stored in the disk drive.

5.Will I be getting my real data files without being changed?

Yes, pen drive data recovery software provides the recovered data or files in same format as it was before deletion.

6.What should be the minimum system requirement to run the software?

The minimum system requirements for installing Data Doctor Pen drive recovery software is:

  • Pentium-class or equivalent processor
  • Windows 98/2000/ME/NT//XP/Vista
  • RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 20 MB of free space

7.I am not able to open the recovered file. Why?

If such situations arise, then the reason behind it may be highly corrupted files or the file has been overwritten.

8.I can recover data from which operating system?

You can recover data or files from all major windows operating system including Windows 98/2000/2003/XP/NT and Windows Vista.

9.How can I save the recovered data?

To save the recovered data, you can refer the section of “Save Recovered Data”.

10.Can I use the software to recover my data from logical or physical damage?

Logical data recovery is performed when files has been deleted or lost due to virus corrupted data, master boot record corrupt, deleted files, partition table corrupt and formatted hard disk. Physical data recovery is performed when physical is there such as read/write arm failure and hard drive motor failure etc. Pen drive data recovery software can be used to recover data lost or unavailable due to logical corruption. The physically damaged data can not be recovered.

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